Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

So 25,000,000 people have been affected by the small matter of their private information being lost by the Royal Mail. It’s not the first time that confidential material has been mislaid or handed to the wrong people. Of course, the government is sorry, Alastair Darling has apologised, and Gordon Brown has done his most humble hand-wringing. At least we are spared the earnest gush Blair would have come out with.

But what this proves is that national ID cards are a farce and plans for their forced introduction have to be shelved. How on earth does this, or any, government expect the public to trust them with our personal information when they repeatedly foul up. The assurances will be given that this won’t happen again, that there will be safeguards, that all will be fine from now on. And it will be, Until the next time.

So how will Brown’s government manage to persuade people that they can be trusted? Simple. They won’t bother. As has been shown by the non referendum on Europe, they will just bulldoze things through and keep their fingers crossed.

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  1. david simpson

    The lost computer records for 25 million people were handed by HMRC to a courier system operated by TNT – not Royal Mail as has been wrongly claimed in the above article.

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