Britain … Europe’s banana republic

The mess that is the Kenyan elections has led to puffing and posturing inside the UK but people chose to ignore the complete hypocrisy of a country whose own elections are so tainted that after the 2005 general election some regions were labelled no better than a banana republic.

Consider this. In 2005 Labour won 36% of the vote to the Conservatives 33%. The number of seats that produced were 355 to 198. In the next election the Conservatives will need to gain between 8 and 10% more of the votes cast to even get a one-seat majority. The reason is largely because the system is so skewed towards Labour, with it occupying much smaller inner-city constituencies, as well as seats in over-represented Scotland and Wales. Each Conservative seat took 100,000 votes to win in 2005; each Labour seat 45,000.

Add into that widespread corruption with postal voting, and who the hell are we to lecture anyone about democracy.

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