Barclays chairman hoist by his own cost cutting

Last month I was unable to find out information on my own account because a Barclays Indian call centre decided they knew my mother’s maiden name and I didn’t, even though the bank and I seemed to agreed on what it was for the previous 27 years.

It’s good to read that they have now relaxed the rules so much that a conman was able to persuade a call centre that he was the chairman and obtain a credit card in his name. He then went to a branch of Barclays – and in fairness he deserves to succeed for even finding one – and withdrew £10,000.

Perhaps this will bring home to Marcus Agius, who earns £800,000pa, just what appalling service customers are forced to put up with from overseas call centres and how insecure they are.

A spokesman said: “All Barclays customers, from the chairman downwards, have a 100% fraud guarantee as long as they take responsible care of their information.” That care doesn’t extend to their own staff, clearly.

Agius had the money reimbursed immediately. A friend of mine who had £6000 withdrawn fraudulently had to wait five months and involve his solicitor before Barclays would pay him back, even though the transactions took place in a shop in eastern Europe and he proved from the off he had been in the UK at the time.

One rule for the chairman, another for everyone else.


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One response to “Barclays chairman hoist by his own cost cutting

  1. Is it only me that gets a bad deal from Barclays Wealth?I doubt it.I was coersed into placing my pot of savings with the then called Barclays Investments and for the last ten years Ive let their management do as stated in their literature;manage my fund.100k and ten years down the line it now stands at 85k. What happened to the Wealth element?Are the stockbrokers so incompetent they cant do their job?May be its the fact they have heavy dealing charges and annual fees for managing that they dont bother with the customers expectations of a fair return.If the market goes down dont they move to cash to protect the customer, or is the stockbrokers fees more important?I cant ge tmy head round this.Any answers out there?

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