The nutty Scientologists

Tom Cruise is too squeaky clean for his own good and his Scientology sticks in the craw. But he is benefiting from having friends in high places.

Andrew Morton’s unauthorised biography of Cruise will not be published in many countries outside the USA because of the claims it makes regarding Cruise, his offspring and his crackpot religious beliefs. But whereas in the past it was governments who acted as state censors, now it the unaccountable figures who run so many aspects of our life.

In Australia, Rupert Murdoch has in effect barred the book from being handled by his all-encompassing empire. Why? Son Lachlan is a best mate of James Packer … who is best mates with Cruise and a fellow Scientologist! In the UK people are intimidated and even Amazon won’t ship the book, so afraid are they.

The web is supposed to have broken down such barriers. For the moment, the increasing danger of Google, friends to the Chinese government, as is Murdoch, have not barred it. Let’s get Morton’s book online so we can all read it.

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