Mock them into oblivion

Anonymous internet users who have previously crashed Church of Scientology websites have named February 10 as a worldwide day of protest in a bid to “destroy” the controversial religion. More from the Sydney Morning Herald.

While Scientology has faults – many of them – the actions of some of those who oppose it are beyond the pale. Last week the FBI was asked to investigate after envelopes of white powder were sent to 19 Scientology churches in the Los Angeles area. The best way of dealing with such organisations is to ridicule them. Terrorism can never be the solution.

That the bored and the good of Hollywood are drawn in to Scientology only serves to highlight how daft it all is. When Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson) donates $10m, Kirstie Alley £5m and John Travolta $1 m – tax exempt as somehow the IRS registers Scientology as a church – then does anyone need a reason not to join?

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