Mugabe highlights the farce that is the UN

The UN often gets a bad press, and more often than not it’s easy to see why. What was set up as organisation to, in effect, end wars and abuse of individuals, has now become a bloated and ridiculous body, paralysed by its size and self-interested members. Even when it can get off its collective arse, it seems incapable of doing much of any value. Only last month it was reported that its troops are prone to raping those very helpless people it is supposed to be protecting.

The sight of Robert Mugabe in Rome was just about the final straw. Allowed into Europe to attend a UN summit on food shortages, he used the stage to lambaste the west and blame them for devastating food shortages than are all of his own making. Accompanying him was his loathsome and cruel wife, Grace, her snout jammed into the shops of the west as usual.

You have to ask why he was there and what on earth anyone can learn from such a man about food shortages – unless people wanted to know how to create them.

There have to be times when the UN, if it is to be credible, says enough is enough. If a man like Mugabe is considered an acceptable guest, then it seems that nothing is too vile for it.

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