Max Mosley – the shabby face of F1

So Max Mosley has survived a vote of no confidence and, despite a predilection for prostitutes and some unsavoury role playing while with them, he continues to be in charge of Formula One.

Mosley seems to genuinely believe that he has done nothing wrong and the (all-male) people that could have removed him agree. Clearly, having shredded morals is no obstacle to being the public support. Even Bernie Ecclestone realised that Mosley’s position had become an embarrassment.

But Oswald’s son continues. He won’t be able to attend some races because those staging them are appalled by his antics and the message it sends out. Hopefully, some of the advertisers who pay through the nose for the tiniest branding on the cars will say enough is enough. Only then might the self-interested idiots that run the sport sit up and take notice.

Anyhow, make your own mind up.

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