Lewis comments stick in the craw

Carl Lewis’s bellyaching to the effect that Usain Bolt must have been on drugs to have run like he did at the Olympics raised more than a few raised eyebrows in the athletic fraternity.

Lewis was part of the 1984 US team which, it is widely believed, failed more drugs tests than you can shake a stick, or even a syringe, at. In a world where commercialism rules, it was all hushed up. Lewis himself made a career out of tut-tutting against drugs cheats although he, of course, was whiter than white.

Bolt is a remarkable runner – not in the sense of Marion Jones, but one who really is a one-off. So was Michael Johnson. So was Jesse Owen. So was Ed Moses. His crime, in Lewis’s eyes, appears to be that he is not American.

Lewis’s comments are little short of racism. He will get away with it because he is black, but he really should be ashamed of himself.

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