The filth that is the Daily Mail

Ok, we know Polly Toynbee is a self-important old bag who changes her views with the wind, but she makes some very good points in the Guardian about Paul Dacre, the utterly odious Daily Mail editor who last month had the gall to bang on about press freedom.

Dacre, whose foul-mouthed outbursts are legendary and who uses his ostensibly middle-England rantsheet to support his friend Gordon Brown, is responsible for a crusade of vendetta and sensationalist tabloid journalism that shames any respectable journalist. The hypocrisy of the newspaper has to be seen to be believed. Anyhow …

Dacre, the nation’s bully-in-chief is, like all bullies, a coward: he refused to go on the Today programme yesterday to argue his case. He never dares face his critics, happy to fry alive all and sundry, never apologising, never explaining. There is a good reason for this: the stance his paper takes on just about everything is so internally contradictory and inconsistent that he could never survive even minimal scrutiny. The Mail’s mishmash of lurid scandal, bitching about women and random moralising zigzags all over the place, dishing out pain and praise often according to who it has succeeded in buying with its limitless chequebook, or who has infuriated it by selling their wares to another bidder.

Well worth a read …

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