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Wilshire heads off into a lucrative sunset

So David Wilshire has been found out and forced to stand down. Despite his best bluster, in the end the truth came out. He will still have the last laugh. As he has managed to stay on until the end of this government sometime next year, he will still be entitled to the usual standing-down handout, he has one more visit to the trough at our expense.

It may be two. It is possible his reward for going quietly will be a knighthood if David Cameron wins the election.

In his constituency, the Conservatives will be breathing a sigh of relief. The Liberals has been making gains, although the odious characters they chose to represent them on the local council will hardly have helped their cause. With Wilshire there was every chance of an upset.

Now the Conservatives will pick a new candidate without the baggage Wilshire brought with him.


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Britain … Europe’s banana republic

The mess that is the Kenyan elections has led to puffing and posturing inside the UK but people chose to ignore the complete hypocrisy of a country whose own elections are so tainted that after the 2005 general election some regions were labelled no better than a banana republic.

Consider this. In 2005 Labour won 36% of the vote to the Conservatives 33%. The number of seats that produced were 355 to 198. In the next election the Conservatives will need to gain between 8 and 10% more of the votes cast to even get a one-seat majority. The reason is largely because the system is so skewed towards Labour, with it occupying much smaller inner-city constituencies, as well as seats in over-represented Scotland and Wales. Each Conservative seat took 100,000 votes to win in 2005; each Labour seat 45,000.

Add into that widespread corruption with postal voting, and who the hell are we to lecture anyone about democracy.

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